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At Canyon Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Erik L.

Patient since 2018

“I am so lucky to have found Dr Craig Pearson! He has changed my life. After stating a new job and being stuck looking at a computer screen for hours on end I developed a crippling pain in my tail bone. Found out my coccyx was off causing my hips and feet to be off. After an initial assessment he put a plan together and had me mended up in time for ski season. Couldn’t be happier with the results and the follow up visits.”

“I have been rear-ended twice. Other doctors have helped, but could not get to the root of the problem. Dr. Pearson was able to diagnose the SI joint. I can sleep more than 4-6 hours at night and get a restful sleep. The pain in my hip, low back, shoulder, neck, radiating down to my admpit all the way to my thumb has diminished. I no longer fall down or feel unstable. I am so thankful for God’s leading to Canyon Chiropractic.”

Amy B.

Patient since 2018

Cody N.

Patient since 2018

“Dr. Josh Luitjohan is one of the best Chiropractors I’ve ever been treated by. He took the time to thoroughly explain my condition/prognosis and is very intelligent. He is a highly skilled therapist that not only adjusted me, but also performed acupuncture! He helped me tremendously with my neck pain, and I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a top-level chiro in the area.”

 “I have seen Dr. Craig during all three of my pregnancies. He has helped with so many aspects of each of my pregnancies including relieving sciatica, back and neck pain, and helping encourage baby into a head-down position. Additionally, all three of my labors were short and uncomplicated and I have chiropractic to thank for that.”

Valerie J.

Patient since 2010

Lynn K.

Patient since 2005

“Best chiropractor In Boulder, really knows pelvic balance. Dr. Pearson gives specific , sophisticated, targeted, educated treatments in many modalities but especially SOT, and is an all around excellent , welcoming, caring and intelligent person……plus there is Yazzy who may greet you some days. Wonderful staff that match the tone set by Dr. Pearson. I’m an NP and I send people to Dr. Pearson and he has helped every one of them.”

“Excellent chiropractic care! Dr. Pearson takes the time to understand his patients and provide care that is both appropriate and effective. The neck pain I had for years was never resolved (even after other DC and MD visits) until I treated with Dr. Pearson. I highly recommend his practice.”

Kelly F.

Patient since 2015

Clint L.

Patient since 2010

“12 years ago, I was referred to Dr. Pearson and Canyon Chiropractic Center after absolutely ruining my back doing any number of ill-advised activities for years. He put me on a focused aggressive, yet realistic 8-month rehab health plan and it really helped. After that, with consistent maintenance visits to CCC, my back is in better shape now than it has been in recent memory, I’m able to do more activities, more intelligently. He also has explained a lot of the physicality and movement to avoid creating future stress and damage. Additionally, I’ve always found the front desk to be attentive, helpful, and empathetic, and their customer service overall is great! Pearson and crew understand and empathize with Boulder community and our need/desire to enjoy the activities this area offers, and they relate to their patients accordingly. Though they can’t turn back the hands of time, they can sure mitigate the damage we do to ourselves being active as we get older. Thanks, Doc P, Mike, (and Yezi the pup, for her bedside manner).”

“Craig is amazing. So knowleadgeable and helpful. He’s helped me over the years get over bad whiplash, migraine headaches and overall neck and back pain. I highly recommend him!”

Alexia E.

Patient since 2002

Geoff H.

Patient since 2016

“Been to several chiropractors and Dr. Pearson is the best one I’ve found! He took a unique approach to my SI pain and helped more than the others! Not the cheapest but worth it!!”

“I have been to several chiropractors over the years of having back pain. Dr. Pearson had the most thorough assessment of all, uncovering things no one else had picked up on. So glad to have found him!”

Alicia C.

Patient since 2018

Katie H.

Patient since 2011

“My family has been going to Canyon chiropractic for over 6 years and it is by far the best chiropractic center we have ever been to! Dr Pearson seems to be able to diagnose and solve the most complex and confusing issues with us (even if they don’t seem to be chiro related) and we always get better as a result. I have referred countless friends and family members to this clinic and highly recommend them!”

“Dr. Craig is awesome! Being a baker and cake decorator, I am on my feet all day. I also do a lot of lifting and repetitive motion. Needless to say, I can start to feel a lot of pain and ache from my work. Dr. Craig always takes time to listen and figure out exactly how to adjust me. I tell all my friends and family, “he will make your quality of life better!”

Dr. Craig also does work with my 2 year old son. He does a wonderful job being efficient yet patient with my child. I genuinely feel my son’s flexibility and comfort in his body have improved.
I will be a patient of Dr. Craig for many years to come. I trust him to improve my wellness, and my family’s too!”

Shariesse H.

Patient since 2012

Burt W.

Patient since 2012

“I play hockey, therefore I am frequently injured. Canyon Chiropractic always patches me up and gets me back on the ice in record time. Thanks!”

“Dr. Pearson is the only reason I can walk painfree. He is amazing at what he does while still being modest. I recently moved and had to switch chiropractors and haven’t even come close to the same results with her. I’m moving back soon and I can’t wait to see Dr. Pearson again, I could hug him (I probably will). He’s so good at what he does, it looks easy – as if he’s not doing anything but slowly you won’t see him for a few weeks then a month, then two and you realize while moving those heavy boxes that, hey… I feel great!”

Ginger S.

Patient since 2008

Heather D.

Patient since 2018

“Dr. Pearson and Mike have been wonderful to work with! To get the medical knowledge along with the humor and perfect bedside manner is what will keep me and my family going back year after year. Thanks for helping me through my rib issues…you guys are simply the best!”

“Dr. Craig is fantastic definitely best chiropractor in Boulder, professional effective and well priced.”

Tina W.

Patient since 2015

Kelly A.

Patient since 2015

“Dr. Pearson and his staff have proven to be excellent healthcare providers for me.  I had neck pain for years and could never find the cause.  I tried regular MDs, chiropractors that only treated my neck, etc. without any relief.  I finally visited Canyon Chiropractic and after a review of my medical history and a thorough exam, the root cause proved to be my hip alignment.  After only a few visits, I already had tremendous relief and no more numbness in my hands or sciatica. I continue to go to Dr. Pearson for maintenance and it has made a world of difference.  Thank you Canyon Chiropractic!”

“I have been seeing Dr. Pearson for almost one year to address SI joint instability, thoracic and cervical spine and nervous system hypersensitivity. I get remarkable and lasting relief and believe the SOC approach creates a more stable foundation for comfort, movement and relief. I have recommended many colleagues and clients. Thank you!!”

Lynn H.

Patient since 2017

Will V.

Patient since 2000

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Pearson for years. He helped me when no one else could. It’s because of him I’m away to live mostly pain free.”

“My fantastic chiropractor retired so wanted to find another one using the SOT method. Could not be happier with Dr. Pearson. He has almost gotten me back in shape and I feel great! Lots of good information that really helped me understand what is going on with my hips. Can’t say enough positive, I love the whole staff.”

Karen C.

Patient since 2017

Katrina C.

Patient since 2012

“I recently fell down some stairs and twisted out my upper back. My dad who has been seeing Dr. Pearson for several years highly recommended him. I was able to set up a same-day appointment (how rare is that in a medical office?) and was thrilled to be able to get it worked on. Of course the pain didn’t magically disappear after one visit, but it has been sincerely improving over the past week after my follow up visits.

Dr. Pearson is great. He’s a wonderfully approachable guy with a good sense of professionalism and kindness. And Mike (the tech guy) is very fun to talk to, friendly, and funny. Together, they make a great team of concrete care, and making you feel very at home and secure with something as nerve-wracking as back pain. They will be straight with you (would you really want anything else?) and sometimes it’s hard to hear, but if you’re serious about getting something as vital as your back fixed, it doesn’t get any better than here– with people who genuinely care about your well-being.
I highly highly recommend these guys.”

“I just received a phone call checking up on me. Tell me what chiropractic place does that! Two thumbs up.”

Michelle S.

Patient since 2003

Eleanor F.

Patient since 2016

“Love this place! Dr. Pearson has helped me so much! My alignment is now so stable that I really don’t need much adjusting anymore. The office staff are so friendly and helpful! You’ll love Casey at the front desk, and Mike, Dr. Pearson’s assistant! Make an appointment at your earliest convenience!”

“Helped me get back on my feet and back to work! Staff are super friendly and kind.”

Sarah B.

Patient since 2018

Carrie B.

Patient since 2009

“I have been a patient there for over 7 yrs . This is an awesome chiropractic clinic I highly reccomend .Great service awesome supplemental suggestions . Great over all care . Love the staff. Always gets me in , even at the last min. You are looking for a great chiropractor and supplemental use I suggest canyon chiropractic.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pearson. He is thorough, skilled, caring, and will FIX your problems. It’s not just a snap and crack kind of place. I was been dealing with a collar bone and shoulder injury and I have no more pain after only 3 visits. I would recommend anyone go to him. Thanks Dr. Pearson!”

Dr. J. Bernardy

Patient since 2017

Tammy W.

Patient since 2009

“Dr. Pearson and staff are so knowledgeable, professional, helpful – and kind. The adjustments help me with both neck and digestive problems. Dr. Pearson has also helped many members of my family. He’s just great.”