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Do You Suffer From Whiplash?

When your head experiences sudden and quick acceleration or movement, it can cause injury and strain muscles and the surrounding soft tissues. This rough movement of the head is known as whiplash and is commonly caused from automobile accidents. When your head and neck experience such quick movements your cervical spine is put under a lot of stress.

The most common cause of whiplash is caused by automobile accidents where the car is rear-ended or hit from the side. You can also get whiplash from bungee jumping, roller coasters, sports, and other activities that put the body under a lot of stress on the neck and the spine. With the examples given above, whiplash and concussions can occur and it is best to get proper help and assessment if accidents do occur.

An Inside Look At An Auto Injury

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at how a whiplash injury is formed, such as the speed of the collision and the angle of the impact. Most collisions that result in a whiplash have 5 common phases:

  1. While wearing your seatbelt, your neck is quickly whipped forward while the rest of your body is protected. The soft tissues at the back of your neck will usually be injured.
  2. Your head slams backwards into the seat and your neck is whipped backwards. The soft tissues at the front of your neck will most likely be injured.
  3. The torso continues to move forward while your head doesn’t. The C curve of your cervical spine is momentarily a S curve. Afterwards the spine reverts back to its C curve but the swift movement can cause injury to nerves, neck tissues, and even damage intervertebral discs.
  4. Your head bounces off the seat and is forced forward.
  5. If your car got hit from behind, the back is usually pushed against your seat. This causes major force and compression on your cervical spine and the head.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Headaches and neck pain that get worse with movement, back pain, dizziness, jaw pain, constant fatigue, difficulty sleeping, ringing in ears, and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms of whiplash. Symptoms may not appear immediately after the accident but will usually appear within 48 hours after the accident. These symptoms can become chronic if they are not taken care of, while some may disappear after a couple of days. Not all whiplash injuries are the same and can be complex.

Go Get Help

If you have any whiplash symptoms or related injuries, get professional help. Make an appointment with your healthcare professional as soon as possible. Visiting a trusted chiropractor is the best option because they are specifically trained to treat and heal whiplash injuries.

Often times, there are a lot of people that walk away from an auto accident without any injuries or even bruises and think that they are perfectly okay. Even if there wasn’t a lot of impact, whiplash and other injuries can occur when the accident is a low impact accident. A car traveling at just 6 miles per hour, when hit from behind, can still cause serious whiplash. It is also common that you may not notice symptoms such as pain, stiffness, tender muscles, and limited neck movements until several days after your accident. If you don’t get help after your accident and leave your injuries untreated, they can treat into serious issues that interfere with your daily life.

Moving Forward

If you have been in an auto accident come see Dr. Luitjohan and Dr. Pearson. Our doctors are experienced and will help you start the healing process. Most cases of whiplash are minor and can fully heal. In order to heal properly, a patient needs to be assessed quickly, diagnosed and treated. For those who do get help early on, they do not experience any major disruption from their daily lives. To have the best treatment possible, patients will need to be engaged and do daily self care to achieve full recovery. Dr. Luitjohan and Dr. Pearson at Canyon Chiropractic Center are experienced in treating patients suffering from whiplash and other auto injuries and would be happy to help you get a the recovery you deserve.