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3 Ways to Keep Your Athletic Child Injury Free

You want your child to be active and participate in sports with children
their age. You also don’t want your child to experience injuries or
surgeries that could come from playing sports. If you have a child who is
super active and wants to be involved in a manner of sports, it can
difficult knowing what is healthy for your child. At Canyon Chiropractic we
are passionate about children and want to give them the best
athletic experience possible. Dr. Pearson treats a number of young patients
and loves to see them grow up as they visit our office. With the right
resources and a great chiropractor, your child can be healthy and active.

Below are three ways you can help prevent serious injury in your young

1. Try a Variety of Sports and Activities

When a child decides to play a single sport for more than a year-long we
use the term “sports specialization.” Children who choose to specialize in
a single sport are more likely to suffer from injuries than children who
play a variety of sports. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that
they are helping their child if they focus on playing just one sport but
they are actually hindering their young athlete. A young body isn’t fully
developed and playing only one sport uses the same muscles over and over.
Overtime muscles and other body parts can break or tear because they are
not strong enough to withstand that kind of force. We suggest letting your
child play a variety of sports until they are at least 15. Cross training
is also important for children and teenagers who have specialized in a

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Nutrition is such an important factor when living an active lifestyle. A
good analogy that relates to food and an athlete is a car and fuel. A car
can’t run when it doesn’t have any fuel. If a car doesn’t have good quality
fuel it can cause problems later on. The same applies to your young athlete
and their diet and sport of choice. The better “fuel” (food) they get the
better they will be able to perform their sport. We recommend a diet that
consists of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.

3. Rest

If your child is constantly playing sports every day they increase their
risk of injury. A grown adult who is exercising too much will experience
injury from overworking their muscles. The same is true for a child and
they are at even more risk because their body hasn’t fully developed yet.
When a child gets proper rest their bodies are able to repair themselves
and grow into a healthy adult. We suggest having your child get plenty of
sleep and making sure they cool down after they exercise.

Watching your children play sports is an exciting time! Having healthy kids
will give you the assurance that they can keep playing on the field for the
entire season. If your child is suffering from any pain or injury and needs
relief, a quick trip to the chiropractor could have them feeling relief in
no time. At Canyon Chiropractic Center we want to give your child a great
experience while making their visit fun.

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